Introducing: The Goodyear Welt Superflex

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Introducing: The Goodyear Welt Superflex

Lightening up sustainable footwear (and our wardrobes), our just landed Goodyear Welted Superflex collection brings a whole new edge to the Goodyear Welt as we know it, enter Acton and Beckton

Considered the crème da le crème of shoe making, the Goodyear Welt is a recognised hallmark of well-crafted footwear, long-lasting, repairable, and absolutely classic, they’re the ideal shoes for a gent that appreciates the finer things in life. 

Every now and again even the classics need an update, and that’s where our Goodyear Welted Superflex collection comes in. Holding all the qualities that the Goodyear Welted shoe has been favoured for over the last 150 years, our all-new line up has been made lighter, more flexible, and even more covetable, so you’ll feel the benefits behind the craftsmanship of the Goodyear Welt Superflex from the get-go.


Exclusive to Jones, the Superflex is our lightest, most flexible Goodyear Welted construction (ever), built with the same prestigious construction the Goodyear Welt is famed for, but this time it’s even easier to break in. 

To put it simply Goodyear Welted shoes are built to last. 

The welt is a strip of leather that is stitched around the outer edge of the shoe and then onto the insole, the outsole is then sewn to the welt, giving a durable, hardy, and water-resistant construction that can be re-soled in the years to come.

Comfortable from the Get-Go 

Until now, there has always been a ‘breaking in’ period with Goodyear Welted shoes, because the construction is so durable it can take a few wears for the shoes to soften and mould to your foot. 

There’s no breaking-in period for our Goodyear Welted Superflex soles, just a light and flexible feel. 

Packed with less cork filler than your average pair, they’re more flexible and supple but still retain the quality craftsmanship and enduring qualities that you’d expect from the Goodyear Welt.

Goodyear Welt: Sustainable Footwear 

Sustainability may feel like the buzz word of the moment, but the Goodyear Welt is far from a fad, consider these shoes the elite of well-crafted footwear. 

The stitched construction of Goodyear Welted shoes means that over time worn out soles can be re-soled and repaired, saving your favourite shoes from reaching landfill. Every year around 300 million shoes in the UK are thrown away with average shoe lasting around 1,000 years in landfill.

Curating a sustainable wardrobe isn’t about abandoning your love for style (we love a new-season style as much as the next well-dressed gent), it’s about making the most out of the pieces you already own and investing in well-crafted collections that will dress you impeccably through the many years to come.

The Goodyear Welted Superflex Collection

Meet the latest additions to the Jones Goodyear Welted Superflex collection right here …

Acton in Brown Suede

Acton Goodyear Welted Superflex Chukka Boots 

If you’re the kind of man that loves the refined classics, Acton are the boots that will serve you well through every season and every rotation. Clean cut and with a tapered toe, they’re sculpted in rich suede and poised on a leather sole this pair are as every bit practical as they are good looking.

Shop Acton
Beckton in Espresso Leather

Beckton Goodyear Welted Superflex Lace Up Shoes

The key behind a well-curated wardrobe lies in its foundation, and the Beckton derby shoes offers the timeless appeal and the enduring quality that when cared for well, will last you a lifetime. 

Crafted with a full leather construction it boasts a slick silhouette that will work with every rotation, office tailoring? Smart casual denims? Your failsafe chinos? Our Beckton derby shoes have you covered.

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